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Because I’m a Geek… I Mean Graphic Designer

My love affair with typography began at the beginning of my conscious decision to be a designer. I’ve found this to be quite common in the design field. You start picking your favorite fonts while doing projects, and then you find yourself avoiding some fonts like the plague. You ban Comic Sans MS from every document on your computer, for example. You start hating overused and misused fonts as well (again, Comic Sans).

Finally, the day comes when you realize that font has become more than just the way words are displayed. Rather, the typefaces take on meaning and personality of their own. For me, this day is fresh in my mind. It was today. I watched these HILARIOUS videos about typefaces and really began to understand and appreciate a designer’s kind of humor.

I wanted to share my favorite humorous design videos. First and most recently discovered by my awesome roommate is called Neutraface. If you didn’t know, I’m a huge fan of Lady Gaga parodies. Check! Beards are the bomb. Check! And they wrote a whole song about typography! CHECK… this video out now:

And then there’s College Humor’s take on font humor. They created a hilarious video of a font conference, in which they personify all of the popular fonts. It’s dramatic – I bet you never knew fonts could have you on the edge of your seat. And you’ll never look at any of your fonts the same! I love the first, original, well-loved video as well as the slightly less funny (but still humorous!) sequel.

After you check out College Humor, you have to reflect on those evil fonts. There are some really horrible ones out there! And nothing makes people angry like horrid font choices – like the Nazis. Hey, this post would not be complete without a  hilariously subtitled Hitler video. Enjoy! He’s just a little hot and bothered about the moviemakers’ font choices… 🙂


Tyler Oakley’s Audience of 47,000

The implications of social media, like YouTube, never fail to amaze me. Check out some of Tyler Oakley’s videos below, and read on:

I interviewed Tyler Oakley for MSU Catalyst recently. MSU Catalyst is a student-run online publication devoted to publicizing the cool stuff that Michigan State students are doing with their lives. It’s supposed to offer resources, information, and inspiration other Spartans. Anyway, back to Tyler Oakley. Can you imagine reaching 47,000 people (and the number is growing as we speak) everyday? Just to update them on your life? Me either.

Click here to read the interview. Let me know what you think!

Google Wave = “Social Media on Crack”

Are you stressed about your major lack of Google Wave? Still no invitation in your inbox?

Well I feel like I’ve been living under a rock. Google Wave just appeared out of nowhere! Okay, so its been around since May… Shocking, really, since I still have no real idea what it is or what it’s capable of doing. So I decided to write a blog post about it. I’ve heard The Wave described as everything from “social media on crack” to “a faster, real-time version of a wiki or online document collaboration”. The Google initiative combines email, instant messaging, videos, Google maps, and more.

Feeling Left Out…

So why am I not Google Waving it up right now, you might ask? Well, erm… I wasn’t invited. But in my defense, they only invited a few people. Okay fine, around 100,000, although that number has been steadily growing. All personal sentiments aside, I think that’s a pretty stupid move. Who are the 100,000 people going to start a Wave with if none of their friends got an invite? You obviously can’t Wave all by your lonesome.

Join the Party

If you’d rather be Google Waving it up right now, you can request an invitation.  Or you can buy one off of eBay for $80-100. But that’s a little like paying for your friends, isn’t it? Or sleeping your way through the judging panel. Plus, why pay for something that’s FREE? If it was me, I would go straight through Google. Or hopefully a good friend will pass on an invitation! Here’s to hoping. If you end up going through Google, the form you have to fill out feels a little like a college application. Think of all of the generic, fake heartfelt things you wrote on your college application and apply that towards new developing technology…

I Heard It Stinks, Anyway

India’s Infotech points out nine inherent flaws in Google Wave – and why it’s NOT the next killer app. Thank you Infotech for making me feel SO much better about Google Wave! And for still not having the stupid app. I’ve also heard that its utter “chaos” and may make your “head explode”. For now, I choose to ignore the trend. I think I’ll just live vicariously through Samuel L. Jackson’s Pulp Fiction version of Google Wave: