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Everything Awesome Must … Come From Google?

We’re all a bit obsessed with Google and its constant innovations. Here are some tools and resources you should definitely know about and make use of:

Google Translator

Google Translator is awesome. Its different from a typical translator is that it’s constantly evolving and becoming more accurate because of USERS like us. The logic used is similar to a Wikipedia entry -the more people use it and correct the results, the more accurate the results will be in the future. Knowledgeable users always have the option to “contribute a better translation”.

Google Trends

Whether you’re doing research on search terms, trying to increase visits to your blog, or just finding out what people are searching for from a trivial standpoint, Google Trends is the best way to do it. Everyone’s Googling something – its a matter of finding out what they are Googling, what they are interested in that particular day/month, etc. You can compare the popularity of different search terms, as well.

Google is currently using this tool to track Flu Trends across the world.

Google Logos

If you’re a bit dorky like I am, you like Google’s creative logos. Really, if you’re like me, you navigate to the actual Google homepage rather than the search bar just to see how they’ve changed their logo. You’ll definitely enjoy this site and this site – they showcase all of the different, creative logos Google comes up with to commemorate holidays, birthdays, etc. around the world.

Google Sketchup

I just found out about making buildings and other models in 3-D using Google Sketchup. You can make anything 3-D: your kitchen, a person, or more commonly, a building.  I’d really like to play around with this! (in my non-existent free time, of course) . Here’s one of the renditions of Harvard Stadium:

Harvard Stadium in 3-D

There’s a contest going on right now to model the most important buildings and landmarks in your hometown. East Lansing doesn’t have a team yet… Anyone want to join me?


Autocompleteme is quite possibly the most entertaining of these tools. Everyone’s had crazy autocomplete options before while Googling! Here’s where they collect the funniest ones. Here’s one of my favorites:

Also, DON’T MISS the section entitled Jesus: The Autocompleted Life and Times. It’s absolutely divine.


Google Wave = “Social Media on Crack”

Are you stressed about your major lack of Google Wave? Still no invitation in your inbox?

Well I feel like I’ve been living under a rock. Google Wave just appeared out of nowhere! Okay, so its been around since May… Shocking, really, since I still have no real idea what it is or what it’s capable of doing. So I decided to write a blog post about it. I’ve heard The Wave described as everything from “social media on crack” to “a faster, real-time version of a wiki or online document collaboration”. The Google initiative combines email, instant messaging, videos, Google maps, and more.

Feeling Left Out…

So why am I not Google Waving it up right now, you might ask? Well, erm… I wasn’t invited. But in my defense, they only invited a few people. Okay fine, around 100,000, although that number has been steadily growing. All personal sentiments aside, I think that’s a pretty stupid move. Who are the 100,000 people going to start a Wave with if none of their friends got an invite? You obviously can’t Wave all by your lonesome.

Join the Party

If you’d rather be Google Waving it up right now, you can request an invitation.  Or you can buy one off of eBay for $80-100. But that’s a little like paying for your friends, isn’t it? Or sleeping your way through the judging panel. Plus, why pay for something that’s FREE? If it was me, I would go straight through Google. Or hopefully a good friend will pass on an invitation! Here’s to hoping. If you end up going through Google, the form you have to fill out feels a little like a college application. Think of all of the generic, fake heartfelt things you wrote on your college application and apply that towards new developing technology…

I Heard It Stinks, Anyway

India’s Infotech points out nine inherent flaws in Google Wave – and why it’s NOT the next killer app. Thank you Infotech for making me feel SO much better about Google Wave! And for still not having the stupid app. I’ve also heard that its utter “chaos” and may make your “head explode”. For now, I choose to ignore the trend. I think I’ll just live vicariously through Samuel L. Jackson’s Pulp Fiction version of Google Wave: