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Recent Musical Obsessions: Memories, Bedrock, & Internationally Resounding Love

“All You Need is Love”, by 156 musicians worldwide

Take a classic Beatles song and add a bit of international inspiration. Voila! Meet this rendition that nearly brings me to tears! I love that this timeless song was used for international collaboration…

“Memories”, by David Guetta & Kid Cudi

David Guetta is one of the best deejays out there – he ALWAYS makes me want to dance. And I can relate to all of Kid Cudi’s song lyrics targeted towards the soul-searchers in the crowd. Put them together and its the catchiest song I’ve heard in a LONG time.

“Bed Rock”, by Young Money

This is the only song on the radio lately that I don’t mind hearing. I don’t like any of the rappers, though. It’s all in the beat (genius!). I only know and appreciate the chorus – Lloyd could be singing about the Flintstones, a broom handle, or Japanese anime (any number of ridiculous things) and I would still love it.

“Wonderful Tonight” cover, by the Spartan Dischords (John Abud on solo)

It helps that I love this song, regardless of who sings it. But I obsess over John Abud. He has the most gorgeous voice I’ve ever heard live (If you like this one, you should check out his version of Beautiful Girl, too!). So here’s your accapella fix, with the most ridiculous, hilarious accapella group I know of.


Learning to Love My Body

Everyone has their imperfections. I found this link and I thought what the hey? I need to start appreciating my body and what it does for me everyday. Check out the link below for some of the best reasons I’ve seen on how to do that: