Why We Love Snuggies.

They are ugly, soft, unflattering, overpriced, and nearly pointless. Yes, I’m talking about Snuggies. In 2008, we first saw the coming of the Snuggie. This wearable blanket with sleeves captured the hearts and wallets of viewers all over America. But how?

It started with the infamous infomercial. What makes the entire situation even more bizarre is that it wasn’t intentionally funny! They were in earnest. We took their infomercial to a whole new level – we the American public churned out countless parodies, which could only be expected. Even comedic icons like Jay Leno, Ellen DeGeneres, and Jon Stewart joined in the fun.

But the joke doesn’t stop there. The Snuggie has practically become a CULT ICON. Amazing, I know. Imagine the possibilities… others have! Snuggie usage has expanded to more than at-home money savings. Check out some more ways you can stay warm and look lumpy:

Do you feel like going to the bar? Are you too lazy to put on a real outfit?  Go out in your Snuggie! Because if you’re going to get inebriated, you might as well stay warm and cozy. And post the resulting ridiculousness on … an entire website and group devoted to Snuggie Pub Crawls, of course!

Does your beloved pet get cold too? Instead of buying a tacky Christmas sweater that he probably will not enjoy wearing, simply stick a Snuggie for Dogs on him!

Or let’s say you’re at home watching television in your Snuggie and that amorous feeling comes over you and your similarly attired significant other. What better (or more convenient) way to get it on than through Snuggie Sutra? …I kid you not.

If you’re against the idea of following the mainstream but love the idea of Snuggies in general, there’s a few spinoffs on Snuggie popularity. Rebels against mainstream culture might buy spinoff items like the Toasty Wrap and the Kozy Wrap. “What?! It’s not a Snuggie, I swear…”

But nothing beats a Snuggie. I know I never want to reach for the remote and feel cold for even an instant. Who cares that they’ve received hundreds of consumer complaints AND a failed rating from the Better Business Bureau? (source: Wikipedia).

Either way, the fact glaringly remains: we LOVE our Snuggies!


28 responses to “Why We Love Snuggies.

  1. Watching the TV commercials, the Snuggie was one of those “as seen on TV” products that I avoided like the plague…until my husband bought me one…in leopard print of all things. Now it is a part of my home lounge wear. Am I embarassed to say this? Yes! But at least I am warm in my humiliation.

  2. Must try some snuggie sutra! Literally warm up the bedroom.

  3. I bought one of these as a joke and now feel as though I might smother myself with it as self-punishment. 🙂


  4. They are ugly, but they’re warm and cozy. They’re comfort food for the body. And in recessionary times, and with the grand juggling act of kids / work / job / job searching / budgeting and relationships – anything that’s comforting is doing some good.

    So I’m all for it! (But I think I’d snuggle up with a snuggie and a hot pair of heels on my little feet…)

  5. My five year old saw this commercial and literally begged me for two weeks to get her one of these pointless things. I figured I’d throw it in with her birthday gifts.

    The funny part is it’s really just a backwards robe.

  6. Love your post, but as long as I have a shred of dignity left, I will not get within 100 feet of a Snuggie. There are plenty of less expensive ways to humiliate myself.

  7. Good post! The video was was funny. I like my Snuggie but never thought about trying the Snuggie Sutra.

  8. I got one of these as a joke gift. I never use it, but the light has come in handy.

  9. Hehe.

    I totally want one! I’m not ashamed. I live in San Francisco – it’s COLD!

  10. LOL- I am sure it is comfortable, I really am. But the people in the infomercial look like something out of Star Trek hahaha. Especially when I saw them at the baseball game and weren’t they in the theater too? Oh wow, all I can think is, what if it were normal to wear them about like that? Like- everyone accept for myself, was wearing them around the mall and at the club and stuff hahaha. Wow. I should get one and wear it to the grocery store rofl.

  11. My five year old saw this commercial and literally begged me for two weeks to get her one of these pointless things. I figured I’d throw it in with her birthday gifts.

    The funny part is it’s really just a backwards robe.

  12. A few years back they tried marketing the same thing only called them something like “slankets”. Didn’t catch. I really think people like saying “snuggie”.

    • LOL @ Slankets…. I can see why that wouldn’t go over so well. Is it me or does that word remind you of someone who sleeps around a lot? I am going to have to start using that one hahaha. “Ugh, he’s such a slanket”. rofl

  13. I like my Slanket better. Better quality and longer durability.

    That and I got it three months before the first Snuggie infomercial ever aired. XP

  14. when i first saw this on nbs i honest to god thought it was an snl skit and laughed so hard i cried
    when i realized it was real, i laughed harder

    this is absolutely be one of those things we all look back on and tell our kids about when we’re decrepit and want to enlighten them about the “good ol’ days”

  15. When they make a Sunggie I can inline skate in, I’m all over it.

  16. I sewed an old robe together and gave it to my mom (she’s on the short side) and it was just like a snuggie. She wears it.

  17. Hey,

    Just won a Miller Lite Snuggie at Crunchy’s last night! Woo-Hoo!

    Mike J.

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  19. she looks like a character from the movie about harry Potter! Lol!

  20. I like snuggies,it can keep you warm.

  21. Very interesting but I will never purchase one. I don’t need another blanket in the house. I don’t even wear a robe very often. Besides a robe is much more attractive.

  22. Eeeps!

  23. Love the article, it made me laugh out loud!
    I am not ashamed to say that I am a the proud owner of a brilliant blue snuggie.

    If an unexpected visitor drops by I answer the door with it on and trust me, the unwanted visitor does not linger.

    I also put it on backwards when I am having a Harry Potter moment. I look like I attend Hogswart! It is easier to walk in if you wear it that way too.

    My dog has stolen it from me twice so I’m seriously thinking of picking one up for him.

    Of course my husband has not stopped laughing at me since I brought it home.

    ps: I have a photo of me on F/B in my snuggie… bwahahahahahaha……like I said, it makes me laugh!

  24. I saw this really kool video on a blanket i saw , check out the video here

    Stephen G

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