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Wait a Hot Minute. Who the Heck is Freud?

Get ready. Freud’s name and ideas are thrown around quite frequently. Here’s what you need to know so you can hold your own when he comes up unexpectedly (He always does!)


Freud was a doctor, but trained as a neurologist as well. He saw a lot of his patient’s sicknesses were mental (they complained, but even after examination had nothing physically wrong with them) Freud found that if he got to the root of the mental cause, the physical illness would alleviate. Just talking through it helped (psychoanalysis).

Yeah Right. In Your Dreams…

Blame your subconscious. Freud says our dreams are our way of dealing with our unresolved wishes and desires.

It’s Not Just Terret’s

People talk… a lot. Freud says everything we say means something and will help unlock the mysteries of our subconscious. So why was that on your mind?

Sex, Sex, Sex

Basically, Freud thought that our subconscious is the reason we do stuff. Its always there, affecting our choices. Humans are driven by our libidos. We are sex. We are aggressive. And we have to keep both of these impulses under control all the time, but also find some way to let them out. Otherwise, these pent up emotions will come out one day in some embarrassing way.

I Want to Kill My Mother?

It’s the Oedipus Complex. Freud thinks every guy competes with their father for their mom’s attention. Subconsciously, they want to get their dads out of the way and “own their mother”. He says healthy guys outgrow this desire, and the guys who don’t are (understandably) pretty dysfunctional as they get older.


We have three parts to our personality, according to Freud:

Ego – conscious, rational part of us that everyone can see

Id – unconscious, primal, sensual part of us that, if allowed to take control, will wreak havoc

Superego – conscience, with ethics, values from parents and society

So That’s Freud in a Nutshell…

I’ve obviously glossed over his most important theories, but the point is to give you a great introduction to learning more about Sigmund Freud. He  is fascinating!  And known as “one of the most famous and influential psychologists of the twentieth century”.

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New [Reluctant] Addiction: Online Lectures

Imagine my joy when I found out that I could watch other school’s lectures. I mean, I haven’t been living under a rock… I know they’ve been around for awhile. I downloaded some on iTunes before. What I mean is that I finally found some good ones that I won’t fall asleep watching. (Alright, so maybe I fast-forwarded a bit). But believe me, I nearly jumped for joy. I probably would have, actually, if I thought that would make my discovery that much better.

I watched a lecture from a Harvard Justice class.

The class is thought-provoking and engaging. I found myself spellbound until the 53rd minute, when the prof brought up some discussion questions to think about, which made me realize that I’d wasted almost an hour of my life attending a virtual lecture that I had no obligation to watch. I don’t have much knowledge in the way of philosophy, but I picked up a few vocab words. They might come in handy if I want to impress anyone later with my categorical morals. (Damn, I’m good.) I thought I had some definitive morals, but this Justice class makes you want to analyze them. Do you have any? Why? Do they change according to the situation? I know mine did after listening to this lecture.

What did you think of it?