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Latest CC Post: Skip That Turkey Sandwich!

Harvard research has officially pronounced processed meats a hazard to our health. Goodbye, turkey sandwich 😦


New [Reluctant] Addiction: Online Lectures

Imagine my joy when I found out that I could watch other school’s lectures. I mean, I haven’t been living under a rock… I know they’ve been around for awhile. I downloaded some on iTunes before. What I mean is that I finally found some good ones that I won’t fall asleep watching. (Alright, so maybe I fast-forwarded a bit). But believe me, I nearly jumped for joy. I probably would have, actually, if I thought that would make my discovery that much better.

I watched a lecture from a Harvard Justice class.

The class is thought-provoking and engaging. I found myself spellbound until the 53rd minute, when the prof brought up some discussion questions to think about, which made me realize that I’d wasted almost an hour of my life attending a virtual lecture that I had no obligation to watch. I don’t have much knowledge in the way of philosophy, but I picked up a few vocab words. They might come in handy if I want to impress anyone later with my categorical morals. (Damn, I’m good.) I thought I had some definitive morals, but this Justice class makes you want to analyze them. Do you have any? Why? Do they change according to the situation? I know mine did after listening to this lecture.

What did you think of it?