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Because I’m a Geek… I Mean Graphic Designer

My love affair with typography began at the beginning of my conscious decision to be a designer. I’ve found this to be quite common in the design field. You start picking your favorite fonts while doing projects, and then you find yourself avoiding some fonts like the plague. You ban Comic Sans MS from every document on your computer, for example. You start hating overused and misused fonts as well (again, Comic Sans).

Finally, the day comes when you realize that font has become more than just the way words are displayed. Rather, the typefaces take on meaning and personality of their own. For me, this day is fresh in my mind. It was today. I watched these HILARIOUS videos about typefaces and really began to understand and appreciate a designer’s kind of humor.

I wanted to share my favorite humorous design videos. First and most recently discovered by my awesome roommate is called Neutraface. If you didn’t know, I’m a huge fan of Lady Gaga parodies. Check! Beards are the bomb. Check! And they wrote a whole song about typography! CHECK… this video out now:

And then there’s College Humor’s take on font humor. They created a hilarious video of a font conference, in which they personify all of the popular fonts. It’s dramatic – I bet you never knew fonts could have you on the edge of your seat. And you’ll never look at any of your fonts the same! I love the first, original, well-loved video as well as the slightly less funny (but still humorous!) sequel.

After you check out College Humor, you have to reflect on those evil fonts. There are some really horrible ones out there! And nothing makes people angry like horrid font choices – like the Nazis. Hey, this post would not be complete without a  hilariously subtitled Hitler video. Enjoy! He’s just a little hot and bothered about the moviemakers’ font choices… 🙂


Dare I Say It? The BENEFITS of Watching Lady Gaga

Weird. Fabulous. Intelligent. Weird. Gay Rights Advocate. Fashionista. Did I say weird? Lady Gaga is many things to so many people. Her most recent song, “Bad Romance”, has an absolutely insane video to accompany it. I would say you’d be wasting your time watching it because it makes absolutely no sense, but watch it anyway. It’s like a train wreck… you just can’t look away:

I’m not really sure what this song could possibly contribute to culture and society. Other than the fact that it mentions love and has a catchy beat, there’s not much else going for it. I suppose it makes you appreciate what people like Lady Gaga do for our culture and the music industry. They shake it up a bit. And they also make you appreciate having normal size pupils, but I digress.

I’ve decided that the best thing to come from this video are the awesome parodies!

Bad Romance? No, dude. Bros unite. Give it up for “Rad Bromance”…

And then meet Lord Gaga and Lady Gaga. Hilarious representation of the weirdness in the original music video:

I don’t think anyone is aware of what Lady Gaga’s original music video was supposed to convey. Maybe thousands of years in the future when we all have metallic beards we’ll know. For now, the parodies that spawned from it are worth the confusion and eye sores Lady Gaga has given me. What do you think?

Why We Love Snuggies.

They are ugly, soft, unflattering, overpriced, and nearly pointless. Yes, I’m talking about Snuggies. In 2008, we first saw the coming of the Snuggie. This wearable blanket with sleeves captured the hearts and wallets of viewers all over America. But how?

It started with the infamous infomercial. What makes the entire situation even more bizarre is that it wasn’t intentionally funny! They were in earnest. We took their infomercial to a whole new level – we the American public churned out countless parodies, which could only be expected. Even comedic icons like Jay Leno, Ellen DeGeneres, and Jon Stewart joined in the fun.

But the joke doesn’t stop there. The Snuggie has practically become a CULT ICON. Amazing, I know. Imagine the possibilities… others have! Snuggie usage has expanded to more than at-home money savings. Check out some more ways you can stay warm and look lumpy:

Do you feel like going to the bar? Are you too lazy to put on a real outfit?  Go out in your Snuggie! Because if you’re going to get inebriated, you might as well stay warm and cozy. And post the resulting ridiculousness on … an entire website and group devoted to Snuggie Pub Crawls, of course!

Does your beloved pet get cold too? Instead of buying a tacky Christmas sweater that he probably will not enjoy wearing, simply stick a Snuggie for Dogs on him!

Or let’s say you’re at home watching television in your Snuggie and that amorous feeling comes over you and your similarly attired significant other. What better (or more convenient) way to get it on than through Snuggie Sutra? …I kid you not.

If you’re against the idea of following the mainstream but love the idea of Snuggies in general, there’s a few spinoffs on Snuggie popularity. Rebels against mainstream culture might buy spinoff items like the Toasty Wrap and the Kozy Wrap. “What?! It’s not a Snuggie, I swear…”

But nothing beats a Snuggie. I know I never want to reach for the remote and feel cold for even an instant. Who cares that they’ve received hundreds of consumer complaints AND a failed rating from the Better Business Bureau? (source: Wikipedia).

Either way, the fact glaringly remains: we LOVE our Snuggies!