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The Rules of Attraction

There’s no mistaking that feeling you get when you you think someone is attractive. But have you ever asked yourself WHY you find a person attractive? I’ve always found this topic fascinating. What qualities are we attracted to, biologically, in the opposite sex?


What Men Find Biologically Attractive in Women

  1. A waist-to-hip ratio of .7
  2. Full lips
  3. Large eyes
  4. Smaller jaw, chin
  5. Voluminous hair
  6. Symmetry
  7. White teeth
  8. Wearing red

What Women Find Biologically Attractive in Men

  1. Largeness (muscles, body size)
  2. 0.9 waist-to-hip ratio, no higher than 1.0 (V-shaped body)
  3. Symmetry
  4. Broad shoulders
  5. If she’s looking for stability, more feminine features in the face are desirable
  6. White teeth

Sources (cause you know I don’t just make this stuff up!)


The Number One TED Talk. Ever!

I have a major affinity for TED talks. That being said, I just had the privilege of watching Jill Bolte Taylor’s 18-minute talk, which was voted Number One in the Top 10 Best TED Talks. I’ve heard a little about her, mainly through advertisements for her book. She seems a little nutty – especially when she talks about her out-of-body experiences. But who wouldn’t after studying the brain’s functions for years and then, in a day, watching those same functions disappear one by one?