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Music Websites That Do Not Annoy Me


Frats might actually be good for something now! You can listen to party playlists put together by frats from around the country. Ah, I can see all of the fist-pumping already just thinking about it.


Classic. Spent last summer discovering new music on it. But now they have ads, so be prepared to put up with those intermittently.


Stumbled upon this gem the other day! I love the modern layout and large type.


Find out your life/birthday theme song! Warning: mine was a song by Paula Abdul. Ugh.


Somehow haven’t gotten around to using this one yet, although its been around awhile… but I hear it’s pretty awesome.

Where else do you get your new music from?


Stop Right There. Pumpkin Spice Hershey’s Kisses!

Undoubtedly delish.

Dear Hershey People,

I am a mere college student. I live in a crappy apartment and am usually on the verge of debt. I had to walk 35 minutes to get to class today, and on the way it started drizzling. Today was the epitome of your typical MyLifeIsAverage type day. But then again, today I also found out about your limited edition Halloween candies. And it made my day. My life. Whatever. I cannot wait to taste the 12 grams of fat per 9 kisses that I’ve heard so much about. I LOVE love love pumpkin flavored everything! Especially in that cute little kiss shape. So you better make this edition not so limited, because I’m going to want these when autumn is over. Otherwise I can definitely see us running into some serious problems in the future.

New Year, New You!

Here’s a link to the FIRST article I wrote for College Candy:


Let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy it!