Recent Musical Obsessions: Soul, Bruno Mars, & Dynamite

“Just the Way You Are”, Bruno Mars
Mars has the sweetest, smoothest voice I’ve heard in a long time, and this is an adorable love song. I miss when male singers could actually hit the high notes like this. It makes them even more endearing and vulnerable. Enjoy!

“You Don’t Know Me”, Michael Grimm
I didn’t know the meaning of soul until I listened to Michael Grimm. He has complete control of his rough, yet emotionally charged voice to give me shivers, so you KNOW it’s good. Weirdly (and luckily!) enough, I found him through a random America’s Got Talent video clip, a show that I don’t even watch:

“Dynamite”, Taio Cruz
Hands down, the BEST getting ready/dancing song I’ve ever heard. Disclaimer: This beat will stay in your head … for days! And it’s starting to be played on the radio more often, which renders me ecstatic:

“Waving Flag”, K’naan featuring Nancy Ajram
This wasn’t the actual World Cup song – it was the Coca-Cola sponsored one. Clearly, K’naan + a united theme + flags from everywhere does not make this song. The message he’s trying to get across is positive, yes, but the real gem in this song is Nancy Ajram. The second she started singing, I fell in love with her sweetly uplifting voice:


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