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Because I’m a Geek… I Mean Graphic Designer

My love affair with typography began at the beginning of my conscious decision to be a designer. I’ve found this to be quite common in the design field. You start picking your favorite fonts while doing projects, and then you find yourself avoiding some fonts like the plague. You ban Comic Sans MS from every document on your computer, for example. You start hating overused and misused fonts as well (again, Comic Sans).

Finally, the day comes when you realize that font has become more than just the way words are displayed. Rather, the typefaces take on meaning and personality of their own. For me, this day is fresh in my mind. It was today. I watched these HILARIOUS videos about typefaces and really began to understand and appreciate a designer’s kind of humor.

I wanted to share my favorite humorous design videos. First and most recently discovered by my awesome roommate is called Neutraface. If you didn’t know, I’m a huge fan of Lady Gaga parodies. Check! Beards are the bomb. Check! And they wrote a whole song about typography! CHECK… this video out now:

And then there’s College Humor’s take on font humor. They created a hilarious video of a font conference, in which they personify all of the popular fonts. It’s dramatic – I bet you never knew fonts could have you on the edge of your seat. And you’ll never look at any of your fonts the same! I love the first, original, well-loved video as well as the slightly less funny (but still humorous!) sequel.

After you check out College Humor, you have to reflect on those evil fonts. There are some really horrible ones out there! And nothing makes people angry like horrid font choices – like the Nazis. Hey, this post would not be complete without a  hilariously subtitled Hitler video. Enjoy! He’s just a little hot and bothered about the moviemakers’ font choices… 🙂