Tupac Is Dead, Right?

I’m not into hip hop and rap history, but I’ve always wondered about 2Pac/Tupac. He died, right? Or not? Why does the controversy surrounding his death even exist? Is it legit in the slightest?

Because there’s no doubt – people DO think that he’s still alive. In fact, someone created an entire website about the reasons why 2Pac could still be alive. And some of the reasons actually SEEM pretty legit, albeit a few misspelled words:

  • There were no witnesses on the street or in the car, and no suspects in the shooting
  • No pictures were released of him in the hospital
  • Tupac’s funeral was canceled for unknown reasons
  • He always wore a bulletproof vest. But apparently the night of Tyson’s fight, he wasn’t.
  • In “I Ain’t Mad Atcha”, released a few days after his death, Tupac is shown as an angel in heaven.
  • He raps about being buried, but was cremated the day after he died. Strange to be cremated so soon, and to be cremated at all.
  • The name of the album released after his death was Machiavelli, who “is an Italian war strategist who faked his death to fool his enemies”

Even for a skeptic like me, these reasons seem valid. But that was just a personal site. When I checked valid news sites, I found no controversy surrounding 2Pac’s death at all. For instance, NPR just leaves it at the fact that his murder is “unsolved”:

“Shakur was gunned down in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, as he sat in the car of music mogul Suge Knight. Shakur was placed on life support but died six days later, on Sept. 13th, 1996. His murder remains unsolved.”

It’s also strange that his record company, Death Row, released so many posthumous Shakur albums. But then I did more research and found out a lot of the albums were just remixes or inspired by 2Pac’s poetry, etc. I now just think it’s sad that they’re still trying to make money off of him.

And Cracked.com most likely isn’t helping things. Yeah, it’s a humorous website, but a lot of people don’t know that! So when they reported on Tupac’s death and mentioned an article from Spring 2005 entitled “Tupac Alive and Well”, I checked it out. At first, it seemed legit, even though the rest of the article was kind of sketchy. They even included a screenshot.

Tupac Shakur fake CNN Article

But when I searched Google for the story, nothing came up. According to snopes.com, someone made a their own CNN news website and wrote a fake story about 2Pac. The real CNN made them take the article down (the domain was Nauru, a “small island in the Pacific”). Apparently somewhere on the fake article it says “April Fool! Tupac’s dead, get over it.” Or something to that effect.

So anyway, I guess Tupac really is dead. Just wanted to clear that up.
Your thoughts?


3 responses to “Tupac Is Dead, Right?

  1. i love 2pac 4 every $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  2. need more of 2pac music,history and controversy sarrounding his death

  3. The only picture I’ve seen of his “corpse” is after his autopsy… But autopsies are rarely done when the cause of death is obvious (SHOT)

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