Dare I Say It? The BENEFITS of Watching Lady Gaga

Weird. Fabulous. Intelligent. Weird. Gay Rights Advocate. Fashionista. Did I say weird? Lady Gaga is many things to so many people. Her most recent song, “Bad Romance”, has an absolutely insane video to accompany it. I would say you’d be wasting your time watching it because it makes absolutely no sense, but watch it anyway. It’s like a train wreck… you just can’t look away:

I’m not really sure what this song could possibly contribute to culture and society. Other than the fact that it mentions love and has a catchy beat, there’s not much else going for it. I suppose it makes you appreciate what people like Lady Gaga do for our culture and the music industry. They shake it up a bit. And they also make you appreciate having normal size pupils, but I digress.

I’ve decided that the best thing to come from this video are the awesome parodies!

Bad Romance? No, dude. Bros unite. Give it up for “Rad Bromance”…

And then meet Lord Gaga and Lady Gaga. Hilarious representation of the weirdness in the original music video:

I don’t think anyone is aware of what Lady Gaga’s original music video was supposed to convey. Maybe thousands of years in the future when we all have metallic beards we’ll know. For now, the parodies that spawned from it are worth the confusion and eye sores Lady Gaga has given me. What do you think?


One response to “Dare I Say It? The BENEFITS of Watching Lady Gaga

  1. …those bathtub eyes…I can’t erase them from my mind…

    Anyway, here’s another one to add to your collection:

    I know it’s not a Bad Romance parody, but I think you will enjoy (even if it’s bold italic).

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